October Moments | Girl in Autumn

My heart just leaps out when I hear the word Autumn. It has just started getting chilly where I live and finally I’m getting ready for cozy beds,hot cocoas and roasted marshmallows. Also lots of baking and pretty photography.

One of the worst things of this October are my exams!! and what’s more? they are gonna end on 27 Oct!!!!! October is one my favourite times of the year and it’s a pity that this year I can’t spend it with pretty blogging and lots of ideas I wanted to share with you guys. Girl in Autumn series was something I was SO excited about and it’s all ruined..

But anyway I will try to post too much before 1 November now…so I’m terribly sorry if you read my autumnal ideas and be like why couldn’t she post it before?

Anyway I’m terribly busy today too so I thought of doing a quick blog about some of my favourite shots of this cozy season.


Also I’m terribly sorry as I won’t be posting too much for the next 2 weeks 😦 😥

I hope you enjoyed my Autumn shots. And don’t forget to snuggle and have chilly warm campfires. Let me know in the comments if you have posted something about Autumn and I will definitely check it out and share it!




Too Faced Gold Eye| Girl in Autumn

Hello everybody!

Look!!! It’s officially Autumn!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been SO BUSY in school and I have exams due next week! But these Girl in Autumn series are must so I thought it would only be right if I wrote about my favourite eye look of Autumn


I like to pair gold eyes with a berry lip. So I’m just gonna list the shades I will be using from the Chocolate Bar by Too Faced. I absolutely love this palette and it has shades which could be used all the time. Their texture is so smooth and buttery and they also smell a bit like cocoa butter. So first you want to apply a primer, Maybelline Masterprime is a good one. Then I like to use Salted Caramel from the palette and just pat it all over my eye and make sure you don’t use too much of it as its just a base on which you are gonna blend you eye shadow.


Then you want to use Hazelnut and just smear to the corner of your eye and into the middle. Now I use MAC eye shadow in Amber Lights and just apply it on the inner corner of the eye and towards he middle. Then just use Triple Fudge from the Too Faced palette and apply it on the upper corner of your eye right on the crease. Then I use Creme Brulee and apply it on my water line and a little bit on the outside following my lower lash line. You can then blend all these shades to give a brown gold eye look with a popping gold shimmer at the bottom of your eye. Just make sure you blend it a lot and you can just really use other autumnal shades. I like to complete my look with Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara and using Charlotte Tilbury liquid liner I think a cat eye looks amazing.

I also use Hourglass Bronzer, Becca champagne highlighter and Charlotte Tilbury Glaston berry  charlotte-tilbury-glastonberry-lipstick-review

I hope you enjoyed my Autumnal look. It’s my absolute favourite!

Let me know in the comments your autumn look or if you have used any of these products.

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Hourglass Bronzer | Girl in Autumn

So one of my favourite things in autumn is its’ orange and dark shades and a bronzer clearly adds a colour of autumn to your face. So my favourite bronzer was a must to add in my Girl in Autumn series.

Hourglass Radiant Bronze Light Ambient bronzer is just perfect for all time. It has a light brown shade frosted with light golden undertones and gives a feathery shimmer-sheen finish. It gives a wear warm rich look and perfectly matches with a berry lip which I have been raving about in my last post about Charlotte Tilbury (check it out Charlotte Tilbury Berry Lip). The bronzer has 3 shades and I myself just love Radiant Finish. hourglass-1024x678

You can get it here! Hourglass

Let me know in the comments what bronzer you have been using and stay tuned for more autumnal posts in my Girl in Autumn series.

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Berry Lips | Girl in Autumn

Hello everybody!!!!!

I hope you guys are well and today finally I have started my blog post series which I have been dying to tell you guys about and it’s called Girl in Autumn!! It’s basically a series of blog posts I will be doing until Halloween and it will consist of all things skincare, beauty, fashion, DIY , recipes and amazing Halloween ideas. I have been working on them for a week now and I have written down all my ideas and I hope you guys enjoy and find them useful.

Also in my previous blog post I have set up a competition in which you have a chance to get featured and promoted on my blog by following some really easy rules. Here is the link


So my first blog pot (blog pot? :p) post in Girl in Autumn series is about berry lips. The best time of the year to wear dark lip shades is when the air turns crisp and chilly. Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favourite brands for lipsticks and brushes.Their range called the matte revolution lipsticks has some amazing berry colours which I ABSOLUTELY love. Their consistency is smooth and creamy which doesn’t dry your lips which is my pet peeve when I wear a matte lip product. The lipstick shape makes it so easy to apply and they also have a sweet smell which is not so strong either. ct5

I have been loving Glaston Berry for my autumn berry lip, it is a dark maroon shade frosted with a really dark matte red tone. Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these and don’t forget my competition to get featured and promoted on my blog!


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Get featured on my blog

Hello everybody!!

Hope you guys had a lovely weekend.

So today I have a little blog post in which you have a chance to get featured on my blog and I will be promoting your blog in other social media groups. The rules are super easy and simple:

• Comment on this blog on what you want me to post more about OR ask a personal question about me.

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OPTIONAL (bonus points)

• If you are not a follower then check out my blog and if you like it, please do follow

• Re-blog any of my posts which interests you and don’t forget to tag me.

Winner will be announced on Thursday! and I will be picking one blogger and they will be featured and promoted. The optional rules are bonus points which will increase your chances of winning! Also again please let me know in the comments what you would like me to post about and I will be writing soon!!

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Perfect Bedrooms| Girl in Fairy Lights



I’m a HUGE fairy lights lover myself so putting them in your office looks great.


Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

Here is a little bit of bedroom inspiration and how you can style your bedroom with fairy lights. I will also be featuring a blogger among my followers so stay tuned x

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Bath and Body Works body butters

Hello everybody!!!!

I’m really happy today as I would be having a long weekend because I got some extra days off from school. Anyway let me rant to you guys about one of my most essential beauty regime which is body butters. I don’t actually have dry skin but it’s not oily either. But I really like to keep my body skin hydrated and fresh and so the answer to this is body butters. Also they have an amazing smell which keep you smelling fresh.

My favourite ones are from bath and body works and they are also in the form of body mist and lotions.

I’m loving Moonlight Path and it has sheer lavender and bergamont. It faintly smells like vanilla,oakmoss and a light musk. It’s not greasy at all and has a smooth texture keeping you hydrated.bath_and_body_works_moonlight_path_intense_moisture_body_butter_review

I also love Dark Kiss. It smells quite strong but is quite soothing to me, It has black raspberry and plum, a little vague scent of peony and dark vanilla bean. And I just think it’s perfect! It gets absorbed really quickly, not greasy at all and leaves your skin so soft and supple!bath_and_body_works_dark_kiss_body_butter___2_

I have so many more faves but I have a lot to do. I will be having an exciting blog post series coming soon so keep your eyes peeled! Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these!


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