The Autumn Tag

Ok so this is the first time I’m doing a Autumn tag and I’m just so excited to share some of my favourite Autumn bits and tell you guys a little bit about myself. I will also be tagging some of the bloggers below!



1.What signifies the start of Autumn for you?

Um. Actually nothing specific. Just as soon as it starts to get chilly I’m all about lighting up cozy candles and heading to Primark to buy some PJs to snuggle in. And of course the 1st of October!!!
2. What is your favourite Autumn scent?

I would say Marshmallow campfire candle from Bath and Body works. I did do a whole blog post on Autumn candles so check it out! An orange autumn And I just love anything campfiry I must say and yes cinnamon baked goods set me up in an autumn mood really.


3. What is your favourite Autumn colour?

This is tricky because I just have so many. Orange and maroon will top the list though.

4. What is your favourite Autumn drink?

This might be boring but whenever it’s chilly I just opt for hot chocolate even though pumpkin spice latte is something everyone looks for in Autumn.

5. What TV show, new or old, are you looking forward to this Autumn?

Oh yes I’m currently going to watch Stranger Things. It’s just been out on Netflix so make sure you guys check it out too. And I have heard it’s pretty pretty good.

6. What is your favourite Autumn fashion trend?

I love the huge checkered scarves and maroon or a dirty yellow mini skirts with tights and boots. For makeup I love a dark berry lip which I did a blog post about: (BERRY LIPS | GIRL IN AUTUMN)    with of course a gold eye look.

7. What is your favourite frugal Autumn activity?

Please dont judge me but I had to google the meaning of frugal.   I absolutely love pumpkin picking and a good campfire with friends never goes wrong. And then of course pumpkin carving for Halloween!

8. What is your favourite makeup look come autumnal weather?

Oh I did answer that. A berry lip pairing with a gold eye. I also have been loving orange lips!


So this is all! I really do think I answered these in a quite boring way I guess? But I’d love to hear about you guys so I tag


Emily Mae

Emily Care Beauty


As I haven’t been really active so I’m ever so sorry if you have already done this tag, and if you have you can leave a link below in the comments 🙂

Also please dont forget to check these blogs out because they are just my favouite really!




Hello Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you guys are great and all set up for Halloween!!!

Oh gosh….I can’t remember the last time I have been so relaxed and been blogging about. As you all might know if you remember my last blog post that I had exams going on and they were just so tough. Holly molly I had a rough time, I was so stressed. But on the bright side some of them had gone really good and some of them horrible were just alright.

So yeah I’m back to blogging and seriously my whole Girl in Autumn series is ruined. But I will be posting 3 or 4 blog posts on it. And yeah….Autumn nail polishes will be my next post.

Also even though I wasn’t blogging, I did get many followers while I was inactive so thank you all whoever followed because I still think I’m a bit crappy in blogging.

I love you all very much ans see you in m next post!


Changing my blog’s name..

Hello everybody!!!

Today is a kind of different post today…as you might have guessed by seeing the post title and my user name that I’m changing my blog’s name.

It all started quite recently when I was just looking through blogs and profiles…and I realized that if I’m passionate about something I must create it through my own imagination and be more unique or original you could say. Although I do like the idea of girl online but let’s face it: It really doesn’t belong to me and it clearly isn’t mine.

As you all know that I love all things pretty and  of course fairy lights, so I thought why not just inspire my blog’s name by it. Mind you, my content will be the same and I do hope we can enjoy this together.

Also THANK YOU SO MUCH for following my blog as I’m just 1 follower away from 50 followers! It might be really less for some of you who have like 3000 followers but I’m really happy and stay tuned for a giveaway!I love you guys very much.


October Moments | Girl in Autumn

My heart just leaps out when I hear the word Autumn. It has just started getting chilly where I live and finally I’m getting ready for cozy beds,hot cocoas and roasted marshmallows. Also lots of baking and pretty photography.

One of the worst things of this October are my exams!! and what’s more? they are gonna end on 27 Oct!!!!! October is one my favourite times of the year and it’s a pity that this year I can’t spend it with pretty blogging and lots of ideas I wanted to share with you guys. Girl in Autumn series was something I was SO excited about and it’s all ruined..

But anyway I will try to post too much before 1 November now…so I’m terribly sorry if you read my autumnal ideas and be like why couldn’t she post it before?

Anyway I’m terribly busy today too so I thought of doing a quick blog about some of my favourite shots of this cozy season.


Also I’m terribly sorry as I won’t be posting too much for the next 2 weeks 😦 😥

I hope you enjoyed my Autumn shots. And don’t forget to snuggle and have chilly warm campfires. Let me know in the comments if you have posted something about Autumn and I will definitely check it out and share it!



Get featured on my blog

Hello everybody!!

Hope you guys had a lovely weekend.

So today I have a little blog post in which you have a chance to get featured on my blog and I will be promoting your blog in other social media groups. The rules are super easy and simple:

• Comment on this blog on what you want me to post more about OR ask a personal question about me.

• Comment your favourite blogger and tag them.

OPTIONAL (bonus points)

• If you are not a follower then check out my blog and if you like it, please do follow

• Re-blog any of my posts which interests you and don’t forget to tag me.

Winner will be announced on Thursday! and I will be picking one blogger and they will be featured and promoted. The optional rules are bonus points which will increase your chances of winning! Also again please let me know in the comments what you would like me to post about and I will be writing soon!!

Girl Online going offline




Perfect Bedrooms| Girl in Fairy Lights



I’m a HUGE fairy lights lover myself so putting them in your office looks great.


Made with Repix (

Here is a little bit of bedroom inspiration and how you can style your bedroom with fairy lights. I will also be featuring a blogger among my followers so stay tuned x

Girl Online going offline


An Orange Autumn


So summer is still here where I live but I can just feel the autumn crisp air around the corner. So as I’m a huge seasonal candle lover I thought why not share some new bath and body works candles with you guys?

I absolutely adore candles and as my favourite season is so near I love seeing new candles based on festivals ( OH! Halloween!)

So we have Pumpkin Coconut which has spiced pumpkin, toasted coconut and creamy vanilla. Coconut and vanilla are two of the best flavours I think so this was just a perfect autumn candle. Another one was “Leaves” which is kind of festive as it has clove spice and crisp apple but smells just like autumn! “Sweater Weather” is just a must. It has eucalyptus, juniper berry and fresh foods. It definitely smells like a new season. tumblr_ndjymtA79t1ssqam8o1_500

“Marshmallow Fireside” feels JUST like a campfire. You would really think you are out toasting marshmallows. It has toasted marshmallows, smoldering woods and fire roasted vanilla. oh mybath-and-body-works-bakeshop-candles-2.

Another one is “Black Cherry Merlot” This one has quite a berry fragrance. and it smells like dark cherry, black raspberry and sumptuous merlot. I’m not really sure what that merlot is :p Then there is “Cinnamon Sugared Donuts”. If bakery scented candles make you hungry then you really need to put this off! It smells just like you have made some donuts in your house. I would describe its’ send quite delicious actually. It contains crushed cinammon, sugar crystals and homemade donuts of course.bath-and-body-works-bakeshop-candles-4

One of my favourite one is “Spiced pomegranate cider” I love scents which have a hint of berry in it. So I love this one. It has ruby red pomegranate, sweet apple cider, muddled black berry and star anise! One of the best.

There are SO MANY more in bath and body works and it is really difficult to choose! Lighting up candles according to seasons just makes the season and the time of the year more special I believe. Also lots of compliments from guests!

Check them out here:Bath and Body Works

Do let me know in the comments what you think of these or have you bought any?


Girl Online going offline