Too Faced La Belle Carousel Palette


It been awhile since I have posted about my beauty favourites. So today I will be talking about Too Faced La Belle Carousel Palette. This was a Christmas edition I believe and is so christmasy too!! I think if you have one of these you won’t need any eye shadow palette or a blush and bronzer.


This pack has has everything you need. There are 3 palettes of eyeshadows. Two duos of blush and bronzer and a Better Than Sex mascara.


My favourite one is this ⇓



This does have some autumn shades but I think you can use them all year around. It has some warm shades and give a natural look. Frosted with shimmer, they give a really warm rich eye look.


This one here has all the blue navy shades and I think it’s perfect for winter. As for winter blue shades can really go well. And just look at those names!


This one has all the pink shades. And do you know what I think? I think each of the palettes are based on a season. Like the first one I have shown is for Autumn, then winter, then this one for summer. This is not true though.. :p


So all of the shades are so pigmented and have smooth texture. Some of them have a slight shimmer and are quite creamy. The blushes are a little matte. But overall they give a rich buttery look. And the shimmery ones really give a frosted shimmer as seen on the swatches. The bronzers give a really warm tone and you just need a little but of them as they are SO pigmented. And there names are just so MAGICAL!

I ABSOLUTELY love the La Belle Carousel palettes and I just can’t wait to use them. Their shades, tones,texture are perfect.

Please let me know in the comments if you have tried this and I will be writing soon!



Autumn Nail paint | Girl in Autumn

Taking care and doing my nails is often something I totally forget. As much as I love nail painting I am not so good at it and I never really have the patience to sit down and wait for them to dry. But there has been some dark berry staples this autumn which I have been loving.

OK so now there are quite similar so I’m not gonna bore you guys and just list them below

So from Essie there are:

Fifth Avenue

which is a red orange colour



which is dark red


Scarlett O’Hara

which also a ruby red colour


I also have been loving the Ciate Antique brooch which is golden glittery nail paint.

These colours are also perfect for winter and Christmas and I think I will surely be wearing these then

Here’s a link to Essie

Hope you guys found this useful! Comment below you if you have done a Autumn nail polish tag and I will surely be checking it out.



Too Faced Gold Eye| Girl in Autumn

Hello everybody!

Look!!! It’s officially Autumn!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been SO BUSY in school and I have exams due next week! But these Girl in Autumn series are must so I thought it would only be right if I wrote about my favourite eye look of Autumn


I like to pair gold eyes with a berry lip. So I’m just gonna list the shades I will be using from the Chocolate Bar by Too Faced. I absolutely love this palette and it has shades which could be used all the time. Their texture is so smooth and buttery and they also smell a bit like cocoa butter. So first you want to apply a primer, Maybelline Masterprime is a good one. Then I like to use Salted Caramel from the palette and just pat it all over my eye and make sure you don’t use too much of it as its just a base on which you are gonna blend you eye shadow.


Then you want to use Hazelnut and just smear to the corner of your eye and into the middle. Now I use MAC eye shadow in Amber Lights and just apply it on the inner corner of the eye and towards he middle. Then just use Triple Fudge from the Too Faced palette and apply it on the upper corner of your eye right on the crease. Then I use Creme Brulee and apply it on my water line and a little bit on the outside following my lower lash line. You can then blend all these shades to give a brown gold eye look with a popping gold shimmer at the bottom of your eye. Just make sure you blend it a lot and you can just really use other autumnal shades. I like to complete my look with Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara and using Charlotte Tilbury liquid liner I think a cat eye looks amazing.

I also use Hourglass Bronzer, Becca champagne highlighter and Charlotte Tilbury Glaston berry  charlotte-tilbury-glastonberry-lipstick-review

I hope you enjoyed my Autumnal look. It’s my absolute favourite!

Let me know in the comments your autumn look or if you have used any of these products.

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Hourglass Bronzer | Girl in Autumn

So one of my favourite things in autumn is its’ orange and dark shades and a bronzer clearly adds a colour of autumn to your face. So my favourite bronzer was a must to add in my Girl in Autumn series.

Hourglass Radiant Bronze Light Ambient bronzer is just perfect for all time. It has a light brown shade frosted with light golden undertones and gives a feathery shimmer-sheen finish. It gives a wear warm rich look and perfectly matches with a berry lip which I have been raving about in my last post about Charlotte Tilbury (check it out Charlotte Tilbury Berry Lip). The bronzer has 3 shades and I myself just love Radiant Finish. hourglass-1024x678

You can get it here! Hourglass

Let me know in the comments what bronzer you have been using and stay tuned for more autumnal posts in my Girl in Autumn series.

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Berry Lips | Girl in Autumn

Hello everybody!!!!!

I hope you guys are well and today finally I have started my blog post series which I have been dying to tell you guys about and it’s called Girl in Autumn!! It’s basically a series of blog posts I will be doing until Halloween and it will consist of all things skincare, beauty, fashion, DIY , recipes and amazing Halloween ideas. I have been working on them for a week now and I have written down all my ideas and I hope you guys enjoy and find them useful.

Also in my previous blog post I have set up a competition in which you have a chance to get featured and promoted on my blog by following some really easy rules. Here is the link


So my first blog pot (blog pot? :p) post in Girl in Autumn series is about berry lips. The best time of the year to wear dark lip shades is when the air turns crisp and chilly. Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favourite brands for lipsticks and brushes.Their range called the matte revolution lipsticks has some amazing berry colours which I ABSOLUTELY love. Their consistency is smooth and creamy which doesn’t dry your lips which is my pet peeve when I wear a matte lip product. The lipstick shape makes it so easy to apply and they also have a sweet smell which is not so strong either. ct5

I have been loving Glaston Berry for my autumn berry lip, it is a dark maroon shade frosted with a really dark matte red tone. Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these and don’t forget my competition to get featured and promoted on my blog!


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Lush Cosmetics Obsession

Hey guys!!

Hope you guys had an amazing weekend!

So the other day I was just wondering how never wrote about something I’m OBSESSED with. And of course its Lush bath bombs!

For my pamper routine a good ‘ol bath bomb is always a must. Along with other lush masks and body butters. If I have had a bad day or if I just need to relax and feel fresh, I love to get in a hot Lush bath with a book or a Tv show. Let me get started.

So the first one I have really been loving is Tisty Tosty. It kind of has a sweet scent of rose and mixed with lemon and an orris root I believe. It has quite a soothing effect and even though I actually don’t like rosy scents, I love this one.tisty-totsy-pink

Another one is Blackberry. This one also has a lemony scent with a little bit of forest wood. I mean that’s what I thought :p . It has Bergamot oil and Frankinscence Oil which is so hydrating and just perfect to treat your skin.


I have ABSOLUTELY been loving the Pumpkin bath-o’-lantern! It has a sweet vanilla scent with a spicy aroma of cinnamon and exotic pimento. As autumn is around with Halloween around the corner I think its perfect to treat yourself with it!

And who doesn’t love the sparkly pumpkin bubble bar? It has a warm autumn scent and has juniper berry, lime and grapefruit oils (just PERFECT) and the best thing about it is that it give a gold sparkle to your skin!


In autumn when winter is just around the corner, Autumn Leaf bath bomb just gives a very seasonal feeling.It has beautiful colours like the changing of tree leaves from summer to autumn. It has bergamot, neroli and sandalwood!


oops. I also forgot to mention these bath bombs give amazing colours and make you bath so pretty. Just a Huge huge fan really.

Hope you enjoyed my post and I will be writing soon!

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Tarte Tipsy Coral Blush

I’m getting so busy for my blog! School is starting from tomorrow and I really don’t know how I’m gonna schedule my blogging.

But today I thought I still haven’t written about my favourite blush! I just think blushes give a pop of colour to your makeup. If I’m running late popping some blush with mascara and lipstick just gives you a ready ready look. nars-product-mufe-powder-337

So one of the blushes I’m really loving is from Tarte called “tipsy coral”. It’s from the range Amazonian clay blushes. By now I’m guessing you guys know my obsession with coral peachy shades. This blush is just So pigmented and has an orange warm tone frosted with a autumn peach shade. It lasts for 12 hours! But mind you that you just need a feather brush of this blush otherwise it just looks too much. (It’s that pigmented!)tarte-amazonian-clay-blush-tipsy1

Also a nude lip never goes wrong with this blush. A berry lip too! You see I have a very mixed sense of makeup. Most of the time I think you can rock anything as long as you love it!

SO hope you guys enjoyed this. Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of the Tarte blushes

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