Changing my blog’s name..

Hello everybody!!!

Today is a kind of different post today…as you might have guessed by seeing the post title and my user name that I’m changing my blog’s name.

It all started quite recently when I was just looking through blogs and profiles…and I realized that if I’m passionate about something I must create it through my own imagination and be more unique or original you could say. Although I do like the idea of girl online but let’s face it: It really doesn’t belong to me and it clearly isn’t mine.

As you all know that I love all things pretty and  of course fairy lights, so I thought why not just inspire my blog’s name by it. Mind you, my content will be the same and I do hope we can enjoy this together.

Also THANK YOU SO MUCH for following my blog as I’m just 1 follower away from 50 followers! It might be really less for some of you who have like 3000 followers but I’m really happy and stay tuned for a giveaway!I love you guys very much.



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