October Moments | Girl in Autumn

My heart just leaps out when I hear the word Autumn. It has just started getting chilly where I live and finally I’m getting ready for cozy beds,hot cocoas and roasted marshmallows. Also lots of baking and pretty photography.

One of the worst things of this October are my exams!! and what’s more? they are gonna end on 27 Oct!!!!! October is one my favourite times of the year and it’s a pity that this year I can’t spend it with pretty blogging and lots of ideas I wanted to share with you guys. Girl in Autumn series was something I was SO excited about and it’s all ruined..

But anyway I will try to post too much before 1 November now…so I’m terribly sorry if you read my autumnal ideas and be like why couldn’t she post it before?

Anyway I’m terribly busy today too so I thought of doing a quick blog about some of my favourite shots of this cozy season.


Also I’m terribly sorry as I won’t be posting too much for the next 2 weeks 😦 😥

I hope you enjoyed my Autumn shots. And don’t forget to snuggle and have chilly warm campfires. Let me know in the comments if you have posted something about Autumn and I will definitely check it out and share it!




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