Hourglass Bronzer | Girl in Autumn

So one of my favourite things in autumn is its’ orange and dark shades and a bronzer clearly adds a colour of autumn to your face. So my favourite bronzer was a must to add in my Girl in Autumn series.

Hourglass Radiant Bronze Light Ambient bronzer is just perfect for all time. It has a light brown shade frosted with light golden undertones and gives a feathery shimmer-sheen finish. It gives a wear warm rich look and perfectly matches with a berry lip which I have been raving about in my last post about Charlotte Tilbury (check it out Charlotte Tilbury Berry Lip). The bronzer has 3 shades and I myself just love Radiant Finish. hourglass-1024x678

You can get it here! Hourglass

Let me know in the comments what bronzer you have been using and stay tuned for more autumnal posts in my Girl in Autumn series.

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