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Hello everybody!!!!!

I hope you guys are well and today finally I have started my blog post series which I have been dying to tell you guys about and it’s called Girl in Autumn!! It’s basically a series of blog posts I will be doing until Halloween and it will consist of all things skincare, beauty, fashion, DIY , recipes and amazing Halloween ideas. I have been working on them for a week now and I have written down all my ideas and I hope you guys enjoy and find them useful.

Also in my previous blog post I have set up a competition in which you have a chance to get featured and promoted on my blog by following some really easy rules. Here is the link


So my first blog pot (blog pot? :p) post in Girl in Autumn series is about berry lips. The best time of the year to wear dark lip shades is when the air turns crisp and chilly. Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favourite brands for lipsticks and brushes.Their range called the matte revolution lipsticks has some amazing berry colours which I ABSOLUTELY love. Their consistency is smooth and creamy which doesn’t dry your lips which is my pet peeve when I wear a matte lip product. The lipstick shape makes it so easy to apply and they also have a sweet smell which is not so strong either. ct5

I have been loving Glaston Berry for my autumn berry lip, it is a dark maroon shade frosted with a really dark matte red tone. Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these and don’t forget my competition to get featured and promoted on my blog!


Girl Online going offline


7 thoughts on “Berry Lips | Girl in Autumn

  1. coffeeandcoats says:

    I love your blog its so pretty!! I’ve just set up a blog and I would love it if you checked it out!!

    Love the fact your using girl online, I love Zoes books!!

    Happy blogging !! x

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