Bath and Body Works body butters

Hello everybody!!!!

I’m really happy today as I would be having a long weekend because I got some extra days off from school. Anyway let me rant to you guys about one of my most essential beauty regime which is body butters. I don’t actually have dry skin but it’s not oily either. But I really like to keep my body skin hydrated and fresh and so the answer to this is body butters. Also they have an amazing smell which keep you smelling fresh.

My favourite ones are from bath and body works and they are also in the form of body mist and lotions.

I’m loving Moonlight Path and it has sheer lavender and bergamont. It faintly smells like vanilla,oakmoss and a light musk. It’s not greasy at all and has a smooth texture keeping you hydrated.bath_and_body_works_moonlight_path_intense_moisture_body_butter_review

I also love Dark Kiss. It smells quite strong but is quite soothing to me, It has black raspberry and plum, a little vague scent of peony and dark vanilla bean. And I just think it’s perfect! It gets absorbed really quickly, not greasy at all and leaves your skin so soft and supple!bath_and_body_works_dark_kiss_body_butter___2_

I have so many more faves but I have a lot to do. I will be having an exciting blog post series coming soon so keep your eyes peeled! Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these!


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