Lush Cosmetics Obsession

Hey guys!!

Hope you guys had an amazing weekend!

So the other day I was just wondering how never wrote about something I’m OBSESSED with. And of course its Lush bath bombs!

For my pamper routine a good ‘ol bath bomb is always a must. Along with other lush masks and body butters. If I have had a bad day or if I just need to relax and feel fresh, I love to get in a hot Lush bath with a book or a Tv show. Let me get started.

So the first one I have really been loving is Tisty Tosty. It kind of has a sweet scent of rose and mixed with lemon and an orris root I believe. It has quite a soothing effect and even though I actually don’t like rosy scents, I love this one.tisty-totsy-pink

Another one is Blackberry. This one also has a lemony scent with a little bit of forest wood. I mean that’s what I thought :p . It has Bergamot oil and Frankinscence Oil which is so hydrating and just perfect to treat your skin.


I have ABSOLUTELY been loving the Pumpkin bath-o’-lantern! It has a sweet vanilla scent with a spicy aroma of cinnamon and exotic pimento. As autumn is around with Halloween around the corner I think its perfect to treat yourself with it!

And who doesn’t love the sparkly pumpkin bubble bar? It has a warm autumn scent and has juniper berry, lime and grapefruit oils (just PERFECT) and the best thing about it is that it give a gold sparkle to your skin!


In autumn when winter is just around the corner, Autumn Leaf bath bomb just gives a very seasonal feeling.It has beautiful colours like the changing of tree leaves from summer to autumn. It has bergamot, neroli and sandalwood!


oops. I also forgot to mention these bath bombs give amazing colours and make you bath so pretty. Just a Huge huge fan really.

Hope you enjoyed my post and I will be writing soon!

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