Tarte Tipsy Coral Blush

I’m getting so busy for my blog! School is starting from tomorrow and I really don’t know how I’m gonna schedule my blogging.

But today I thought I still haven’t written about my favourite blush! I just think blushes give a pop of colour to your makeup. If I’m running late popping some blush with mascara and lipstick just gives you a ready ready look. nars-product-mufe-powder-337

So one of the blushes I’m really loving is from Tarte called “tipsy coral”. It’s from the range Amazonian clay blushes. By now I’m guessing you guys know my obsession with coral peachy shades. This blush is just So pigmented and has an orange warm tone frosted with a autumn peach shade. It lasts for 12 hours! But mind you that you just need a feather brush of this blush otherwise it just looks too much. (It’s that pigmented!)tarte-amazonian-clay-blush-tipsy1

Also a nude lip never goes wrong with this blush. A berry lip too! You see I have a very mixed sense of makeup. Most of the time I think you can rock anything as long as you love it!

SO hope you guys enjoyed this. Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of the Tarte blushes

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