YSL Lipticks

Hello everybody!!!

Thank god I have some time today to write a blog post!

Today I’m gonna be writing about something I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. YSL is a company which just always never fails to give me a profound desire to buy ALL of their products. So I decided to show you guys some of my fave lippies!

The first one is Peach Passion (Rouge Volupte) It’s a soft pink with a nude undertone. It has a really creamy texture giving a satin lip look.ysl-rouge-volupte-2

The next one is Orange Imagine. It’s a orangy red with a salmon undertone. Again really creamy and smooth.


Another one is Alternative Plum.It’s a dark berry plum lipstick and just perfect for a autumn look. Absolute fave.  Its the one in the middle below.


Just a quick review! I will be writing more of these soon! Let me know in the comments if you have tried these.


Girl Online going offline



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