Too Faced Born This Way

Heyy everybody!

I hope you guys had an amazing weekend. School is coming up next week which I’m not too excited about as I actually have a really good routine which I usually don’t have during  the holidays and it would get ruined due to school which might actually sound weird to you guys. But things are the way they are.
So today I’m gonna write about Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. Too Faced is actually one of my favourite brands. Their products are so pigmented and are just of good quality.

Born this way foundation gives a medium coverage with a matte creamy finish. It basically covers any of your blemishes or red spots you might have. The thing which I absolutely love about it is that it gives your skin a dewy glowy look. It blends easily and if you have dry skin you are gonna find it a good moisturizer. It gives you a “natural-looking”skin but not a “no-makeup” look.too-faced-born-this-way-foundation-swatches2

Overall  it’s a good moisturizing foundation and I would really recommend it!

That’s all for today. Here’s where you can find it: Born this Way

See ya. xx

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