Nyx lingerie liquid lipsticks

Hello world!!!!

I’m back as my wi-fi was gone! And I was dying to get back to my blog. So I thought to write about Nyx lingerie lipsticks. The thing I absolutely love about nyx is that whenever they come out with any makeup product they have quite a huge range of it. These liquids lipsticks come in every shade. So quite handy for Halloween!

These liquid lipsticks are highly pigmented and last quite long. They are creamy and give a rich matte finish. Here are few of my favorite shades :

Lace detail is a pink beige with nude undertones. If you aren’t a fan of light lip shades you won’t like this one. But goes perfect for a summer day


Then I absolutely love ruffle trim. It is a peachy shade frosted with cinnamon pink. It is quite the kind of shade you could wear everyday. I love it!


Another on of my faves is Beauty Mark. It is a chocolate-brown shade with a neutral undertones. I think it’s just perfect for autumn. Again it is really pigmented and gives a creamy finishnyx-lingerie-exotic-review-swatches-1

Exotic is mahogany red with a subtle pink undertone. I have been really liking this as it is neither quite dark nor light but a perfect mix of it.

There are so many more I love but I have something exciting coming up so I will be telling you guys then

You can check out more of these here Nyx lingerie lipsticks


So I hope I will be writing soon as I will be quite busy these days but let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these and I will see you soon!

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