Too Faced sweet peach palette

Too-Faced-Sweet-Peach-PaletteHey there everybody!

I hope you guys are having an amazing weekend! I’m here again to write a blog post on my favourite makeup palettes. I just absolutely love writing blog posts about these even though my blog consists of other topics as well! But honestly my best time of the day is now in the morning when I just sit down and basically talk to you guys.

So on to my peachy palette. This palette is my  world! universe. It consists of 18 shades and all of them have a matte finish to it. I usually pick out my some shades and tell you guys about it but this holy palette has all my favourite shades in it and picking out the best one is like a mother picking her favourite child.

Peach is my favourite fruit and it has a peach scent even when the palette is closed so you guys can just imagine how perfect this palette is. But lemme describe some shades to give you an insight of the tones in this sweet peachy palette. One of the shades is called ” luscious” and it is a coppery pink with gold undertones and a shimmery finish. It is really pigmented and blends easily. Another one is “Peaches n Cream” , it is a matte yellow peach and is incredibly soft to apply. Again easy to blend. An amazing one is called “Nectar”which is  soft pink frosted with gold and shimmer. It has a smooth texture and is just easy to blend.

So these are some of the shades and this palette just overshadows all of the other ones. (I always forget to add this) Here is the link from where you can buy it: Sweet Peach

Let me know in the comments what you thought of this palette and I will be writing soon!


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