Hello everyone!

This is Mary here and sooooo sorry it took me soo long to write something,(sorry girl online!),

So here we are finally!at the mere end of our vacation!honestly,these vacation just felt like a wind blowing in our face,barely touched and poof!gone already.UNBELIEVEABLE.Anyway,hope you enjoyed them as  humanly as possible cuz i couldn’t 😥

with all these guests and travelling from one city to other for family matters,there was barely anytime to enjoy them,BUTTTTTTT,have to admit that on the free days,its been pretty amazing to read books at night till morning or till the time your eyes dont permit you to read any further,snoozing off whenever you feel like it and so on.

Yesterday has been a really really amazing day,probably one of the best in my life,as i had my crazy bestie in my house,basically she came as an apology cuz she didnt wish me my birthday at 12.(which btw is on 30 august so you all can wish me too) so it was a blast having her here,we had loads of fun,ate loads,and talked loads about nothing and everything,she went pretty late and it was awesum to have her here.SHE EVEN GOT ME A BIRTHDAY CAKE OHMYGOD!

So i guess i am done babbling about my birthday and my life and i should stop here butttttt,do write in the comments and tell me what more you want to know about me or my nearly-super-boring life





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