Reasons I ABSOLUTELY love Zoella


323B1831-copy-865x577Helloo Everbodyyyyyy!!


I can’t believe its been like days since I have been to my blog, and so I thought on this lovely morning to get back and type a post….

so…I just watch my favourite youtuber A LOT. And so why not share some stuff with you guys.

First of all. My blog has been inspired by her and I even thought about making a blog just because of her. If you look into her personality she’s quite optimistic and just a really jolly person. When she first started to blog she did it with passion, writing about what she loved. And I am so very glad that today millions and millions of people are huge fans of her. Like…11 million subscribers? Norway has a population of about 5 million! So guys admit it..she really is a huge personality.

And I think EVERYONE should watch her channel. It gives out so many good vibes…. And you actually really enjoy her videos. She was also really supportive of girls who had anxiety and she made a video about panic attacks. And this just really helped so many people.. because talking about mental awareness is just so important. And even if she had anxiety, she still came out into the world and she didn’t let her anxiety be an obstacle. And now for her books. Now now….they actually broke the record of Harry Potter!!!! She has released 2 books which I have read! and they were quite good and third book is being released. Also my blog girl online is inspired by her books! Another crazy fact. booknrm_1438350646-screen_shot_2015-07-31_at_145003

That is crazy….. so you guys can imagine how amazing she is. I don’t care if people go like how obsessive I am. hahahhhah. I’m actually just a huge fan.

And If talk about her beauty range she launched. OHMYGOD. It’s just my product dream come true. The packaging is just amazing and all of her products are so useful and essential. And if you didn’t know already she has already brought out the Christmas range!! and its’ theme is based on gingerbread and I’m in just so much  grief that I actually don’t have access to these products based on where I live. si-collection-3-1600x1043


But no worries! and I’m terribly sorry for a really long post andd….yeah. Thats it!

please don’t forget to tell me if you watch her or bought her products..and I will be writing soon!!!


girl online going offline



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