Summer ’16

Hey everyone!!

Hope you guys are doing great

So today I woke up quite early and studied as I have my finals due next month. And I feel quite productive because I have finished some of the syllabus and also I have been wasting my time for the past whole month actually. And then I started my workout routine and got really EXHAUSTED, and lied down for a bit. And then I just thought how we just pass our days sometime with the same routine. Sure there are people out there living there life and having fun. But again there are a lot more people just passing the days. My summer has somewhat been like this.(bummer!) I usually go out to some parties . But this summer has really been boring for me. And I blame my exams. I actually would be giving my o levels boards next year. (This thought always makes me go like “OHMYGOD”) So yeh….all my friends and I have just been busy studying this summer.

But on the bright side I started a blog which I always wanted to have and also learnt some new recipes. Also I just LOVEE reading books so I read some books too. But not as much as I usually read. UGH!. Anyway, sorry to bore you guys..just felt like writing typing something down.

soo….I gotta go! Don’t forget to check out my Pinterest and do ask anything you want in the comments!

Girl online going offline




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