FALL GIVEAWAY 2016 (Yankee and Zoella LifeStyle)

entered this amazing giveaway

All Of It


The last giveaway I had done had an absolutely AMAZING 🙂 outcome!! So many of you guys entered and LittleMZara won! It was so amazing and my beautiful readers showed SO much love for AllOfMeBeauty that I am back with ANOTHER ONE!!!

So I will be giving away the following…

Zoella Warm Hands Warm Heart Travel Mug:Image result for zoella Lifestyle travel mug

Zoella Lazy Days Fragranced Candle and Socks

Image result for zoella travel candle and sock setYankee Autumn Night Candle

Image result for autumn night candle

Right so I will be giving away these 3 items!! I absolutely LOVE all 3 of them but my favourite had to be the zoella lifestyle socks and the candle.. and I’m SO EXCITED to see who wins ❤

This is what You have to do to win… I pick my winner at random with a name generator … so here is how you can get a chance of winning..

  1. you have to be following this blog and…

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Too Faced La Belle Carousel Palette


It been awhile since I have posted about my beauty favourites. So today I will be talking about Too Faced La Belle Carousel Palette. This was a Christmas edition I believe and is so christmasy too!! I think if you have one of these you won’t need any eye shadow palette or a blush and bronzer.


This pack has has everything you need. There are 3 palettes of eyeshadows. Two duos of blush and bronzer and a Better Than Sex mascara.


My favourite one is this ⇓



This does have some autumn shades but I think you can use them all year around. It has some warm shades and give a natural look. Frosted with shimmer, they give a really warm rich eye look.


This one here has all the blue navy shades and I think it’s perfect for winter. As for winter blue shades can really go well. And just look at those names!


This one has all the pink shades. And do you know what I think? I think each of the palettes are based on a season. Like the first one I have shown is for Autumn, then winter, then this one for summer. This is not true though.. :p


So all of the shades are so pigmented and have smooth texture. Some of them have a slight shimmer and are quite creamy. The blushes are a little matte. But overall they give a rich buttery look. And the shimmery ones really give a frosted shimmer as seen on the swatches. The bronzers give a really warm tone and you just need a little but of them as they are SO pigmented. And there names are just so MAGICAL!

I ABSOLUTELY love the La Belle Carousel palettes and I just can’t wait to use them. Their shades, tones,texture are perfect.

Please let me know in the comments if you have tried this and I will be writing soon!


Autumn Reads | Miss Peregrine’s Home

Oh look it’ Halloween!

I have always been the kind of girl whose nose is always buried in a book or if you strike a conversation with me regarding books, I will just keep talking. Also if I find out you love books then I naturally will develop a likeliness towards you.

So this autumn , in spite of my exams I read a series. Although I wanted to read so many books but then of course I had to narrow it down due to my exams.

Ok forgive me but I still haven’t read the last 30 pages of the book! how can I do this?  But i can assure you that I will be giving you quite a review.



Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs was quite a book. I have completely mixed reviews about it and I have heard people do too. I’m not gonna spoil the story for anyone but the book starts with  a rich 16-year-old boy Jacob who lives an ordinary boring life. He is quite close to his grandfather who tells him some…lets say..um strange and peculiar stories and Jacob is just on the verge to find out the truth that these stories may be true….

OK that sentence was crappy and dramatic towards the end but this the initial setting of the story. So to be completely honest…the first book Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children ugh it’s so mouthful !  was really slow and a little bit boring at the start. And it did take quite awhile for it to pick up its’ pace.


The second book called Hollow City however was thrilling. And it got interesting at this stage. Also did I mention? These series also has some peculiar photographs.


The last book was the best with so much description and amazing characters. it has scenes where you hold your breath and Library of Souls really does grip you for a while. But the author did quite a job  overall. They are so many strange characters in these series and you could describe these books as strange!. dsc05482

Although I wanted something scary out of them…but nope. They are just strange. In the end..yes I would recommend these books and I’m terribly sorry if this review was crappy again.

Make sure you tell me in the comments if you have read this one! Wishing you a haunted night this Halloween!


The Autumn Tag

Ok so this is the first time I’m doing a Autumn tag and I’m just so excited to share some of my favourite Autumn bits and tell you guys a little bit about myself. I will also be tagging some of the bloggers below!



1.What signifies the start of Autumn for you?

Um. Actually nothing specific. Just as soon as it starts to get chilly I’m all about lighting up cozy candles and heading to Primark to buy some PJs to snuggle in. And of course the 1st of October!!!
2. What is your favourite Autumn scent?

I would say Marshmallow campfire candle from Bath and Body works. I did do a whole blog post on Autumn candles so check it out! An orange autumn And I just love anything campfiry I must say and yes cinnamon baked goods set me up in an autumn mood really.


3. What is your favourite Autumn colour?

This is tricky because I just have so many. Orange and maroon will top the list though.

4. What is your favourite Autumn drink?

This might be boring but whenever it’s chilly I just opt for hot chocolate even though pumpkin spice latte is something everyone looks for in Autumn.

5. What TV show, new or old, are you looking forward to this Autumn?

Oh yes I’m currently going to watch Stranger Things. It’s just been out on Netflix so make sure you guys check it out too. And I have heard it’s pretty pretty good.

6. What is your favourite Autumn fashion trend?

I love the huge checkered scarves and maroon or a dirty yellow mini skirts with tights and boots. For makeup I love a dark berry lip which I did a blog post about: (BERRY LIPS | GIRL IN AUTUMN)    with of course a gold eye look.

7. What is your favourite frugal Autumn activity?

Please dont judge me but I had to google the meaning of frugal.   I absolutely love pumpkin picking and a good campfire with friends never goes wrong. And then of course pumpkin carving for Halloween!

8. What is your favourite makeup look come autumnal weather?

Oh I did answer that. A berry lip pairing with a gold eye. I also have been loving orange lips!


So this is all! I really do think I answered these in a quite boring way I guess? But I’d love to hear about you guys so I tag


Emily Mae

Emily Care Beauty


As I haven’t been really active so I’m ever so sorry if you have already done this tag, and if you have you can leave a link below in the comments 🙂

Also please dont forget to check these blogs out because they are just my favouite really!


Autumn Nail paint | Girl in Autumn

Taking care and doing my nails is often something I totally forget. As much as I love nail painting I am not so good at it and I never really have the patience to sit down and wait for them to dry. But there has been some dark berry staples this autumn which I have been loving.

OK so now there are quite similar so I’m not gonna bore you guys and just list them below

So from Essie there are:

Fifth Avenue

which is a red orange colour



which is dark red


Scarlett O’Hara

which also a ruby red colour


I also have been loving the Ciate Antique brooch which is golden glittery nail paint.

These colours are also perfect for winter and Christmas and I think I will surely be wearing these then

Here’s a link to Essie

Hope you guys found this useful! Comment below you if you have done a Autumn nail polish tag and I will surely be checking it out.




Hello Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you guys are great and all set up for Halloween!!!

Oh gosh….I can’t remember the last time I have been so relaxed and been blogging about. As you all might know if you remember my last blog post that I had exams going on and they were just so tough. Holly molly I had a rough time, I was so stressed. But on the bright side some of them had gone really good and some of them horrible were just alright.

So yeah I’m back to blogging and seriously my whole Girl in Autumn series is ruined. But I will be posting 3 or 4 blog posts on it. And yeah….Autumn nail polishes will be my next post.

Also even though I wasn’t blogging, I did get many followers while I was inactive so thank you all whoever followed because I still think I’m a bit crappy in blogging.

I love you all very much ans see you in m next post!


Changing my blog’s name..

Hello everybody!!!

Today is a kind of different post today…as you might have guessed by seeing the post title and my user name that I’m changing my blog’s name.

It all started quite recently when I was just looking through blogs and profiles…and I realized that if I’m passionate about something I must create it through my own imagination and be more unique or original you could say. Although I do like the idea of girl online but let’s face it: It really doesn’t belong to me and it clearly isn’t mine.

As you all know that I love all things pretty and  of course fairy lights, so I thought why not just inspire my blog’s name by it. Mind you, my content will be the same and I do hope we can enjoy this together.

Also THANK YOU SO MUCH for following my blog as I’m just 1 follower away from 50 followers! It might be really less for some of you who have like 3000 followers but I’m really happy and stay tuned for a giveaway!I love you guys very much.